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Modern ADR is a different kind of alternative dispute resolution firm.  We pride ourselves on providing clear, simple, and effective processes for managing disputes, using the entire spectrum of alternative dispute resolution services.  We are not just mediators.  We are not just arbitrators.  We are not just workplace investigators.  We do it all, and because of our deep skill set we can see your situation from all angles and work with you on the best way to handle your disputes.

You can expect Internationally Recognized Expertise, regardless of the case size or complexity.

Modern ADR boasts Saskatchewan’s only member of the Canadian Arbitration Committee of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, as well as the youngest ever committee co-chair of the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement
( CUSMA / USMCA / T-MEC formerly NAFTA ).  We approach every dispute, whether it is valued at $5,000 or $50,000,000 with the same care and attention, and we are equally comfortable dealing with matters that fall under municipal law as those that involve multiple parties in jurisdictions around the world.

You can expect Transparent and Straightforward Processes that are easy to understand regardless of if you are a seasoned litigator or choosing to self-represent.

Our mediation, arbitration, and adjudication services are designed with known timeframes, evidentiary and documentation requirements, and dispute resolution procedures.  We provide guides for the accurate completion of forms and proper submission processes.  These frameworks are intended to remove the red tape, the hurry up and wait, and the unknowns frequently faced in the courts.

For lawyers, our processes make it easy for you to provide client-centric services, allowing you to easily manage your calendar and set expectations for your client.  Our frameworks help you predict your workload for firms that use flat-rate billing, capped fees, or want to provide unbundled legal services.

For self-reps, our processes are mapped out for you, so you know where you are in your legal journey at all times, and what comes next.  Our submission guides are written in plain English, complete with links to external resources you might need to properly present your claim(s) or areas where you might want to hire a lawyer for legal coaching.  Our guides walk you through how to complete forms, how to gather and present evidence, and what to expect at a hearing or mediation session.

You can expect a Personal Approach that supports disputants through a stressful time, recognizing that no two situations are identical and prioritizes responsiveness and flexibility to maximize the client experience.

While you may not be able to ask a judge questions, we welcome calls and emails from our clients and their legal counsel regarding preparation, submission, or procedure, as well as inquiries regarding changing processes—such as ceasing mediation to proceed to arbitration, adjourning an arbitration to attempt mediation, or altering the agreed upon program to either expedite the matter or expand the scope.

For lawyers, our client-centric service model means quick responses to requests, submissions, and questions so you can get on with your work.  Rescheduling or extending dates are dealt with immediately; no more submitting to the court and waiting days for a response.

For self-reps, we treat you like people, not a file number.  We understand that legal disputes can be stressful and confusing, and our job is to alleviate that.  We will walk you through completing the required documents, explain what you may not understand, and suggest when you need to do research or obtain professional or legal advice.

Ambrosia Varaschin

Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 1
Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 2
Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 3

Case Management for the Digital Era

Faxing, mailing, and cases of documents is the law of the past.  In a digital, globalized world, you need easy, accessible, digital case management from start to finish. See all the details of your case in an organized, easily accessible client portal, complete with a database for motions and requests, and a document repository to submit filings whenever you need to, wherever you are.  Time zones, shipping timelines, and the associated costs no longer matter.  Our digital case management and workflow automation saves you time, money, and streamlines calendaring so we can schedule your hearings at your convenience, according to your needs. 


Online & Hybrid  Delivery Options

COVID-19 effectively shut down the court system around the world, however, our ADR processes continued to function despite a global pandemic.  As an international firm, we are adept at virtual hearings and sessions between parties in multiple locations.  Save time and costs by completing as much of the dispute resolution process as possible using Online Dispute Resolution, or ODR, while maintaining the advantages that only in-person hearings and session can offer. 

Meet Our Extraordinary Team

Ambrosia Varaschin

Ambrosia Varaschin

Managing Principal

Internationally Recognized Arbitrator and Mediator, Public Speaker, Advocate, and Leader.
Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 5
Bailey Meyer

Bailey Meyer

Client Experience

Case Management Lead, Booking and Calendaring, and Communications Expert
Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 7
Modern Adr Saskatchewan'S International Dispute Resolution Firm Incarna Consulting Incarna Consulting,Mediation,Arbitration,Dispute Resolution,Alternative Dispute Resolution 8
Arsenio Noor

Arsenio Noor


Accounting Lead, Invoicing, Billing, and Disbursements
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Samantha Gagne

Samantha Gagne


Digital Marketing Lead, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, and Brand Management

We Live Our Values

Modern ADR is about more than helping people manage their legal disputes in an appropriate manner; we strive to not only make the legal system better, but also the world we live in.  We acknowledge that there are systemic inequalities for people with disabilities, the LGBTQ* community, women, as well as people of colour and specifically our indigenous brothers and sisters.  To that end, our company values revolve around improving access to justice and bringing true equality to a broken system.

Work With Integrity
Modern ADR is committed to providing our clients with the highest caliber service at a fair and competitive price, but at all times doing so as a beacon of integrity and honesty.  Two key pieces of integrity are the principles of transparency and equity.  We will always endeavour to be as up front and honest, in a language understood by our clients, about all our practices and processes.  We shall also conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes equity, with the innate knowledge that equity does not always occupy the same space as equality. In all things, and in all ways, we will strive for our clients to feel like they have received exceptional customer care and good value in their dealings with Modern ADR.
Discrimination Free Zone
Modern ADR does not tolerate racism, bigotry, sexism, or harassment and/or discrimination of any kind.  We recognize the specific and systemic discrimination experienced by people of colour, LGBTQ+, women, and people with disabilities.  Wherever possible, we seek to educate and inform parties and encourage growth and change rather than censure for ignorance; however, we embody a zero-tolerance policy for overt, intentional discrimination by any member of our staff, suppliers, or clients to any other member of society.  Our values of equality and fairness eclipse any economic advantage we may experience by turning a blind eye.
Cultural Inclusivity
Modern ADR has a commitment to building healthy communities that are safe and vibrant, with a strong economy and a sustainable environment.  Through the true spirit of equality, access to justice, and self-determination, we strive be a leader in improving the health and wellbeing of all people, with an innate respect for diversity and pluralism, through combatting discrimination, advocating for the rights of the vulnerable, and nurturing the cultural mosaic that is the foundation of Canada.
Canada is a country founded through colonial practices, which has had a long standing, devastating effect upon our Indigenous Peoples, and as we are based upon the homeland of the Metis and Treaty Six territory, it is vital for Modern ADR to place a special and intentional focus on our relationship with Indigenous Peoples.  We are acutely aware of the impact that the colonial actions of our predecessors have had on Indigenous Peoples, including the residential school system, and we remain committed to understanding their implications on programming, systems, and accessibility.

We are committed to co-designing our practices with our Indigenous neighbours to address the systemic inequalities embedded in our society.  Modern ADR is committed to playing our role in addressing the Calls to Action that have been made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, specifically those pertaining to Child Welfare (CTAs 1-5) and Justice (CTAs 25-42 and 50).

Modern ADR operates a trauma-informed, accessibility, and LGBT+ sensitive practice.  We design our processes, systems, and how we interact with our clients based on their individual needs and personal feelings of safety and comfort.  We do not presume to know what will or will not work for any one individual, rather, we ask what people need in order to have the best possible experience and feel as though they are valued and respected in a physically and emotionally safe space.
Self Determination
Modern ADR believes that employees play a vital role in the success of a business and their own personal accomplishments.  We encourage all staff to adhere to a proper work-life balance that incorporates self-care, wellness strategies, and time for rest.  Modern ADR is a results-oriented firm that allows employees the freedom to work the hours and format that best suits them, provided they meet their goals and responsibilities in an appropriate time period.  We reward high quality work with competitive pay and incentives, but also provide all employees the capacity to take risks without the fear of reprisal.

We also encourage our clients to engage in our processes and make them their own.  One of the foundational concepts of appropriate justice and dispute resolution is that of self determination.  It is our role to provide comprehensive information and access to independent advice within a framework that facilitates parties making their own cogent decisions on even the most challenging issues.

Community Building
Modern ADR believes in giving more to our community than we receive.  We believe the foundation of a healthy, thriving, and productive society is fair and equitable engagements, access to justice, and intentionally breaking down systemic and institutional barriers.  We believe in proactive and preventative measures rather than reactive responses, and restorative justice over retributive systems.  Modern ADR believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, included, and happy, no matter their geography, financial status, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability, race, or ethnicity.

Modern ADR directly supports community building initiatives through volunteer hours and direct giving.  Since 2018, Modern ADR has contributed over 2750 hours of volunteer hours at the senior executive level in system design, management consulting, education and training, and patient experience consulting to the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Centre for Patient Oriented Research, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, and the Canadian Medical Association.

Environmental Sustainability
Modern ADR is a modern company, operating in a modern business climate.  We pride ourselves on our innovation and novel practices that minimize our environmental impact and consumption of resources.  Wherever possible, Modern ADR conducts its business digitally to reduce the need for paper products and toner, and costly storage space for documents which not only wastes space that could be used productively, but also draws upon utilities unnecessarily. 

Modern ADR utilizes co-working space to decrease their physical footprint and conducts business via secure online videoconferencing systems whenever possible to avoid travel.  We are a passionate voice for the promotion and creation of multi-use space, co-working organizations, and cost sharing initiatives in rural Saskatchewan as a means of sustainable and innovative economic development that bolsters small communities.

What People Say About Our Firm

Simply exceptional to work with. A combination of deep patience paired with authority when it counts. Fantastic at communicating with the client and counsel to make them feel as though they have all the information and details they need for decision making.



Ambrosia and her associates made it easy to successfully navigate my first commercial tenancy dispute. We had an issue in our retail space and she helped us resolve it quickly and with concrete next steps. I won’t hesitate to use Modern ADR again when the need arises.


Commercial Real Estate Client

My legal firm recommended Ambrosia to us, which speaks volumes of her firm’s excellence. Our case was handled with personalized service, always with answers to questions and suggestions for preparation. Her focus on communication to detail, and her calm and focus was exactly what I needed to feel ready and comfortable to mediate with a big insurance company.  She kept emotions in check so we could focus on the real issues and reach an agreement without the stress of court. 


Insurance Mediation Client

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