Alternative dispute resolution provides appropriate avenues to justice that respect timelines, capacity, and privacy.


Alternative dispute resolution eliminates unnecessary procedures, reducing the time, effort, and cost of resolving a dispute over a lawsuit.


Alternative dispute resolution methods are legally binding and resolve issues in a practical manner that promotes long-term success.

Dedication to Serving Our Clients

Our international expertise and global recognition does not overshadow our roots as a boutique firm with the kind of client care and service one could expect from your small town corner store.  We care about our clients and our legal partners, and we strive to make sure that clients and their legal counsel feel supported and provided for.  Our streamlined alternative dispute resolution programs provide known costs and timelines, something courtrooms cannot do, and the clear processes provide the security of knowing exactly what is happening in a case, when.




Areas of Expertise

Commercial & Consumer

Our most diverse practice area which includes contract disputes, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and competition law, and construction adjudication.

International Trade

Law without borders.  We are your specialists when it comes to international trade disputes, multinational corporate matters, maritime and shipping issues, space exploration, and internet disputes.

Insurance & Liability

Keep your insurance disputes, privacy complaints, negligence claims, and liability torts out of court, regardless of complexity, valuation, or third party involvement.

Real Estate

ADR for commercial tenancy issues, condo corp disputes, and expropriation matters to leasehold conflicts, right of access, and mineral royalties.

Labour & Employment

Collective bargaining, grievance arbitration, harassment, discrimination, professional discipline, malpractice, and misconduct in the workplace.

Sports & Non Profits

Professional and amateur sport matters including doping, safeguarding, and carding, and issues relating to non profit organizations and community groups.

Family & Estate Issues

Family business matters, including succession planning, divorce and separation, parenting coordination, marriage and adoption, estate planning and elder care. 

AI & Cybersecurity

An emerging legal arena that focusses on specific issues relating to the development and use of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, storage ownership and liability, data breaches, and hacking. 

Intellectual Property & Copyright

Trade secret protection, intellectual property right disputes, copyright and trademark infringement cases, and royalty disputes. 

What Clients Prefer About Our Practice


Modern ADR’s unique dispute resolution programs are designed with efficiency in mind.  Our ADR processes are streamlined and simplified to eliminate unnecessary delays and exorbitant costs by maximizing workflow and document automation technology, in addition to removing the ‘red tape’ that plagues litigation.  The ICC International Court of Arbitration reports that exorbitant disclosure requests are the leading cause of rising arbitration expenses and our established programs limit both the time and volume of documentary requests as a cost control measure for all parties.  In addition, we provide several options in place of multi-day in person hearings to further reduce the cost of resolving a dispute.  Our expedited flat rate programs can cost as little as 25% of a full trial.



We believe in the right ADR process for the right dispute.  Incarna Consulting provides mediation, arbitration, adjudication, early neutral evaluation, and everything in between to assist our clients in creating the most appropriate dispute resolution process for their needs.
Our ready-made alternative dispute resolution programs are streamlined and efficient ways to resolve typical disputes in a variety of industries and practice areas.  They are also flexible enough to be adapted to unique situations without adding to case management costs.  Our work with administrative bodies such as ICC International Court of Arbitration, CUSMA trade secretariat, UNCITRAL, and the International Center for Dispute Resolution, among others, allows us to create efficient workflows for matters falling under their jurisdiction.
By reducing the need for costly document reproduction, unnecessary delays, and superfluous procedures, Incarna Consulting repeatedly provides the same calibre of dispute resolution at a reduced cost, typically a fraction of litigating a claim in the courts.  Further, parties can opt to include cost control mechanisms in their ADR clauses or in their process design.
Our alternative dispute resolution processes provide timely resolution in a simple to follow process, even for non-lawyers.  In addition, our client-centered model provides ample opportunity for the parties to amend, extend, or contract the scope, duration, or format of their process.  The result is logical procedure, manageable deadlines, and appropriate decisions.
ADR works.  Approximately 98% of all matters referred to an alternative dispute resolution process never proceed to court. Unlike court decisions, which can typically be appealed through multiple rounds of litigation, ADR awards and agreements are not normally subject to appeal, and they are as legally binding and enforceable as a judgement.

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